• Your online customers can get a quote and select shipping service.
  • Review shipment details before booking
  • Generate Shipping Labels
  • Adjust shipping rates


The procedure for installation is very simple, all you have is the FTP/SSH access and follow below process:

  • Unpack the downloaded package
  • Upload all files on magento root
  • Go to command line using SSH/FTP
  • On root of Magento directory run the following command: Php bin/magento setup:upgrade

You can see the module name in the upgraded module list. Php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

This command is used to deploy static content of module in your Magento folders.

Php bin/magento cache:clean Php bin/magento cache:flush

This comment will clean/flush Magento cache Chmod -R 777 {Magento var folder path}

  • configure module on below

Go to Dashboard > Store > Configuration > Sales->Shipping Method > Postnet Shipping.


Setting Up Extensions:

  • Enable: To enable or Disable Module
  • Method Name: Name of shipping method
  • API Token: API to get access from PostNet Courier
  • Title: Title of the shipping method which you want to display for users on frontend.
  • Following are the details which will use to send pickup address details, you will get these details by PostNet Courier
  1. Pickup Firstname
  2. Pickup Lastname
  3. Pickup Company
  4. Pickup Address 1
  5. Pickup Address 2
  6. Pickup Address 3
  7. Pickup Postcode
  8. Pickup City
  9. Pickup Phone Number
  10. Pickup Email
  11. Pickup Country
  12. Pickup State
  13. Pickup Preferred Date
  14. Pickup Preferred Time
  15. Allowed Methods
  16. Pickup Business
  • Width Attribute Code : Attribute code for width which we used to send product dimensions
  • Height Attribute Code :Attribute code for height which we used to send product dimensions
  • Length Attribute Code: Attribute code for length which we used to send product dimensions
  • Width Unit : Unit of Width either in CM/Inches
  • Height Unit :Unit of Height either in CM/Inches
  • Length Unit :Unit of Length either in CM/Inches

After all information please click on save config button.

How to make booking & generate labels:

To make a booking and generate labels Go to sales->Order->View any Order->Click on Ship

Select Create Shipping Label and Submit Shipment

Specify and select which items will go to which boxes


Click on Save and your shipment is booked.

You can download the shipping labels by clicking on Shipments Tab and click on View

Click on Print Shipping Labels to download the label.